Thursday, 11 December 2014

Film Feastival

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On Wednesday the 12 of November we went on an exciting trip to the Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinemas for Manaiakalani Film Festival.

When we got there it was so packed with schools and it was kind of hot there but lucky we got seats and started to wait for the other schools to come in so we can start watching the movies.

Finally we started watching the movies, our schools was first with the movie called Islands like diamonds then it went the other schools, our schools one was so amazing and fantastic our school was proud of the actors. In Island like diamond it was Oscar his brother Manu and the 3 cousins Petra, Taiwan and Sam.

When the other schools did their movies it was cool and exciting but I think our schools one was the most funniest but I think that Room 6 from Saint pius x catholic school was the funniest and the scariest.

The funniest part was when room 1 acted like pig, cows and other animals like chickens, The scariest part was when lupe from Room 6 was covered in Red paint and black paint.

Afterwards it was Class 2 from Point England School, there movie was called ME TV it was a funny and interesting and a little bit scary but it didn’t scare us at all only the little boys and girls. The funniest part was when the big boys from Point England School was rapping to biggie smalls song called juice, the scariest part was when they were watching the horror movie and then all of sat they were in the tv

Finally it was the juniors turn to do their movies. Their movies were about Miss Wishy Washy and their trip to Ambury Farm. Room 3 did their movie about how to make butter. they make butter very funny because they used a bole and a marble and also cream, then they will shake it until it is creamy and gooey.

Out of nowhere all of the movies was finished and my sisters face showed up on the big screen, then she said her stuff about Manaiakalani Film Festival, then Mr Johnson said that if we had a great time watching the films then all of the schools said yes, then Mr Johnson told us to go out as a school but in perfect line.

Finally we got into the bus and came back to school to got our bag and to get ready to go home. We had an amazing time at the Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinemas.

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Monday, 8 December 2014