Friday, 28 June 2013

Teddy bear

Today I am going to write about a  teddy bear called Fuzzy, Fuzzy is brown, he is brown like a chocolate bar he is also a good friend to hang around with.

He is soft like marshmallows in melted chocolate and with crackers to make smores and he has the best tie I have ever seen.
He is short and he is fluffy he is fluffy  like the bubbles in the bath and he is the best friend I ever had in my hole life and he is also good too.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Construction of a cookie protect

Yesterday Room three was making a construction of a cookie to protect the cookie from the cookie monster we where using A3 paper and cello tape and also 2 meters of string. I was with Alecia we did very well even though we haven't finished yet but I think we were very very good.It was fun to do these kind of stuff that I have never done in my hole life.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pool Description

The pool is see through and it is 15 meters long and one meter deep. It is indoors and it is under a marquee and it is like the ocean.

The pools is seen or found in the Saint Pius X school court. The smell of the pool is very strong, it is chlorine.

The colour of the pool is blue like the sky and the water that we drink. It is the colour of a blue lollipop and the blue energy drinks.

The walls of the pool are curved like a skateboard ramp and the water moves like a wave.

It is a great thing to have in our school.  We are very proud of our Pool we are borrowing for the term.

A covenant

A covenant is a sacred serious agreement promise between God and God's people.

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Helium Melon seed boy

The Helium Melon Seed Boy - Pt 1, No 2, 2009

1. Find the meanings of these phrases from the story.
‘The sun winked at him’ -Means it is a nice day to have an adventure. x (the sun came out)
‘a wide grin’ -Grin means a big smile✔
‘take a zillion years to tell you all I’ve seen’ -Means it will take forever to tell you.
‘her mouth an oval of surprise’ -Means that she was happy and shocked as well.

2. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
hollow -It means that it is light and empty.
helium -A sort of gas that can lift up balloons to the sky. ✔
cling -verb see

3. Draw what adventure you think Jason might have.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

God's call to Mary

Rm 3 Gods Call To Mary from St Pius X on Vimeo.

This film is to show you about God's call to Mary and it is from Room Three to and we had to practice for 5 minutes it was very easy but the hardness thing of it is to Stan up in front of the class but I was very scared as well.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Hiccups - Pt 1, No 4, 1997

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
hiccups -The hiccups mean a sudden sound in your throat caused by a spam in your chest.
cure -cure means to make someone better when they have ill.
cough -means to make a sudden,harsh noise as  your force air out of your lungs.
tiptoe -means to walk on your toes without making a sound.
miserable - means very unhappy.
grin - means to smile showing your teeth.
finally -means come to an end

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) Where did Richard get the hiccups?Richard got hiccups from the pizzas
b) Why do you think people get hiccups?people get hiccups by eating too much
c) What was one way that Richard tried to fix his hiccups?By a big fright from his mummy.✔
d) How did Richard end up curing his hiccups?Richard ended up curing his hiccups by his mum scaring him.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Swimming Recount

On Mondays to Fridays we always had swimming  lessons. Rosrine, Albert, Richie and I did not swim but the rest of the students went to swim. The people who did not swim watched the class swim.

When we were watching the class swim they did some awesome moves. They learnt how to freestyle and to breath under water. As well the pools were indoors and the pool was 1 metre deep and 15 metres long.

They learnt how to do arm circles and they learnt how to kick in the water. Then they had races and challenges and Jillian taught them how to backstroke.

Then they had free time to play around in the pool. After that it was the next groups turn to have some fun. The first group went out and got changed in the tents near the pool.

After the first group got changed they went and played beside the pools, the girls were playing netball and shooting the ball into the hoops.

The boys and I were playing kicks, volley and soccer as well. I had a good time there it was very fun and funny too!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Maths Learning Week 5

Using a bridging to 10/part whole strategy to solve these equations. Use tens frames if you need help.

17 + 5 =
20 + 2 =
9 + 7 =
9 + 4 =
8 + 6 =
8 + 3 =
19 + 5 =
19 + 8 =
18 + 7 =
18 + 4 =
39 + 2 =
59 + 6 =
79 + 3 =
98 + 3 =

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Spirit of Truth

We have been learning about being the Spirit of Truth and being a good role model out in the playground.  Here is the movie my group and I made about doing exactly that.