Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow 2016

Today for one block during school time we went to Tamaki College for the Science Roadshow. I went with a couple of Student from my class in Joshua's dad’s car. We were going so that we could Experience the way of Science. When we arrived we all had to line up with Room 5 in front of the Auditorium, then St Helier's came along and stood next to us.

After 5 or 10 minutes of sitting and chatting we finally we got into our program with the specialist, we were now allowed to go and check out the wonderful and outstanding experiments.  I wasn’t sure where I should go so I decided to go to the speed ball, then I went to the next station. The station I went to next was the tennis speed game, I had to tap the button  fast so that it can see how much force you can put into the buttons.

Afterward we were called back by Shane the Instructor we were all very excited but sadly it was time to leave. Overall I really had fun I wish we could have it again. My favourite part out of all the others was the Tennis Speed Game. Ka Kite

Friday, 6 May 2016

Welcome to term 2

Holiday Recount 2016

On the first day of the school holidays it was very boring so I decided to watch a movie. I watched heaps of different movies my favourite type of movies are action movies, my favourite movie is the Falcon rising it’s about a man called John who received a phone call from his mate saying, that his sister has been robbed and is badly injured.

When he heard that she was hurt he rush to the airport and took the first flight to Brazil. His friend  waited for him then they both went to the place where his sister was found, when they got there he saw these boys one of them was wearing his sisters necklace then he followed him but he didn’t know that it was his sister's friend.

Afterwards he asked the boy if he knew his sister then he said yes” so then John look and look for clues but then he saw the detective with his sisters thing giving it away to the bad guys, then he called the cops and said that the detective was bad. Finally John made his move and went to go and arrested the detective. At last the case was solved the detective was the person who killed John's sister.

Overall the Movie was fun and interesting I really enjoyed the First week of the holiday I hoped it was a longer holiday.


photo.JPGphoto (2).JPG
Mothers have an important role in the family they take care of the kids and they also work hard, they are very special they are always there when we need them

My Mother is so beautiful, she has brown eyes and black hair, her black hair is like the night and her brown eyes are like the colour of the cross that Jesus died on. My mother is so special and unique she always helps me and my siblings with school work or stuffs that we need. My Mother loves to go church she always sings in church she has a lovely voice, she loves to worship God and she always prays, I love my Mother she always comforts me and hugs me even when I  don’t  obeying her she still loves me. I love my Mother with all my heart she is my Wonder women.
Happy Mothers Day.