Sunday, 8 December 2013

St Francis of Assisi


Saint Francis was born on November the 26 1182 and died on October the 3 and died on the year 1226.

Saint francis was raised up in Assisi in Italy

Full name: Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone
Nickname: Francesco
Feast day: October 3 1226
Parents name: Pica de Bourlemont, Pietro di Bernardone
Francis was 20 year of age when he went and fight with the Perugia Perugia is the North of Rome.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Poppa and the cat up the tree

Book Review:
Title:Poppa and the cat up the tree
Author: John Parker
Illustrator: Bob Gagnon

Poppa was cooking and then Marmalade got frightened from Poppa’s voice and got terrified too. They went back inside and then Poppa was finished so he went back home and made breakfast, it was fish with bread and tomato sauce too.  
The Problem is that the cat got stuck up the tree and Poppa didn’t know what to do.
Poppa got the rope and aimed for the cat so then the rope broke so he tried the ladder and Poppa got the cat and went and feed him fish.
Your opinion of the story:
I very enjoyed this book because it is so funny because when Poppa was singing the cat jumped up the tree because he got a fright.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

Cultural Day

On a lovely day we had cultural group day. We had to show the senior syndicate our presentations about South America. I was in Argentina, we had 4 groups in Room 3, it was Peru, Argentina, Brazil and also Colombia, it was so cool.

After Room 3 Room 6 they were doing Asia. Their groups were Thailand, China, Japan and also India. Room 7 was first to present and their groups were Spain, Greece, Italy, U.k and also Germany too.

After that we had lunch the senior syndicate had to show the whole school our cultural dance that we have learnt throughout the Term. When we went inside the hall we were so nervous and also happy at the same time. We sat down and Room 7 was first singing London bridge is falling down. Germany danced then Greece and after Greece it was Italy and last but not least it was the lovely Spain.

After that is was Room 6, they were doing India, Thailand, Japan and also China. After that it was the lovely Room three with a dance called the Samba. We were very nervous because the whole school might not like it, but they did like it and also Mr Gaffney liked it because he said that it was the best one on the day.