Friday, 6 May 2016

Holiday Recount 2016

On the first day of the school holidays it was very boring so I decided to watch a movie. I watched heaps of different movies my favourite type of movies are action movies, my favourite movie is the Falcon rising it’s about a man called John who received a phone call from his mate saying, that his sister has been robbed and is badly injured.

When he heard that she was hurt he rush to the airport and took the first flight to Brazil. His friend  waited for him then they both went to the place where his sister was found, when they got there he saw these boys one of them was wearing his sisters necklace then he followed him but he didn’t know that it was his sister's friend.

Afterwards he asked the boy if he knew his sister then he said yes” so then John look and look for clues but then he saw the detective with his sisters thing giving it away to the bad guys, then he called the cops and said that the detective was bad. Finally John made his move and went to go and arrested the detective. At last the case was solved the detective was the person who killed John's sister.

Overall the Movie was fun and interesting I really enjoyed the First week of the holiday I hoped it was a longer holiday.

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