Friday, 14 June 2013

Swimming Recount

On Mondays to Fridays we always had swimming  lessons. Rosrine, Albert, Richie and I did not swim but the rest of the students went to swim. The people who did not swim watched the class swim.

When we were watching the class swim they did some awesome moves. They learnt how to freestyle and to breath under water. As well the pools were indoors and the pool was 1 metre deep and 15 metres long.

They learnt how to do arm circles and they learnt how to kick in the water. Then they had races and challenges and Jillian taught them how to backstroke.

Then they had free time to play around in the pool. After that it was the next groups turn to have some fun. The first group went out and got changed in the tents near the pool.

After the first group got changed they went and played beside the pools, the girls were playing netball and shooting the ball into the hoops.

The boys and I were playing kicks, volley and soccer as well. I had a good time there it was very fun and funny too!

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