Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Silly Story

Once upon time a gingerbread man walked into the GI library to look for a book about planes and birds. He found it and he went to the counter to sign his book out when David the gingerbread man was looking for his car keys which he had left inside the library.

The gingerbread man walked 40 steps near the library door and he saw a cross marked outside. He ran fast and grabbed his car keys and back out to his car to get the shovel to dig where the cross was marked.

He dug all of the mud out, then he found nothing until he saw another cross so he went to the army shop to get a bomb and a strong shovel. Again he rushed fast as he could to the library to get the treasure.

He got the bomb and he lite it up and threw it in the hole so that it would blow up. Finally he had the treasure and when he looked inside there was money and lollies and he was happy.

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