Monday, 30 March 2015

Hokule'a Welcome

25.03.15 hokule’a Day Writing

When we arrived all that was in our way was The cluster Schools like Pt England and also Glen Brae and Tamaki College, but I was shocked because it was so quiet and also when you go up to where the the wooden ramp is the view is so amazing. In my head I thought that the beautiful view was like paradise. Finally we started and Everyone was quiet, but out of nowhere the Leaders that were in the front on the sand started us off with the song called E-hoho so then everyone joined, It sound very soft in the beginning but then it went louder and louder.

Finally the song was over and then we had go a sign from the lady that was doing the actions to set down on the tapoleons, it was a very hot sunny day so then I decided to put on my hat so I wouldn’t have sunburn. Finally we sang all the songs and then we had to listen to the people that traveled around the world with the beautiful  Hokule’a boat, Suddenly they were finished and it was time to meet the crew that was on the boat from Hawaii so then our school formed a line and went down the wooden ramp so we can go on the sand so we can shake the peoples hand.

out of nowhere the whole Hokule’a celebration was over and it was time to go, so then we went on the bus and the bus driver said  “is everyone here” and the  we all yelled yes and then we took off.

It was a great time at the beach because we got to shake the crews hand, and got to look at the big beautiful boat.

The End

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