Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Best Writing this year (Term 4)

Learning Intention: To share an experience.
(2)White Sunday.

“ Kids time to Shine. ”

On a lovely Sunny/ Cold Sunday morning it was a time for kids to shine. A big event was happening at the World of Life church, it was the Samoan tradition called White Sunday. I was very nervous because there were over 100 people there but I had the courage.

Finally it was time to shine, I was very excited because  I was dancing and singing, It was an awesome day. We started off with Praise and worship, we sang lots of songs to honour our Heavenly Father.

After 30 minutes Praise and worship had finished and it was time for our Sunday school class items. My class had to go 3rd because it went by age groups. My class and I had been practising and practising for a long time, now we had to show the Crowd.

Eventually it was my class’s turn. We had 2 items to show the Crowd, a Skit and a Dance, we had been practising and practising now it was show time. As soon as we started I was scared because I was playing a very important part in our Skit.

After the Skit it was our final item, our Dance. We were very pleased because it was our very last dance we were dancing to Shackles by Mary Mary. We had finally finished all of our items, we were happy.

Last but not least White Sunday had finally finished and it was pack up time, I can’t wait for the next White Sunday. #lotuTamait


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