Thursday, 4 February 2016

My holiday writing

My Holiday Writing

It was a hot sunny morning and it was time to go for a swim at Orewa Beach, big waves and heaps of shade. Hurry up shouted Mum “ we are going to be late”, so I rushed to the car and off we went.

We finally made it to our location, it was very packed at Orewa beach because there was an humongous American car show, I saw a lot of people swimming and having fun with their families. We had finally found a car park and now it’s time to swim but the tide wasn’t in so we waited. It was around 2:50pm and the tide had eventually came, “I’m going to swim now” I wishperd in my mums left ear.

The wave was very big and nice I charged through the wave, ohh so cooled but I still went for a swim. I saw heaps of people from my Church playing football in the sea so I joined. After we played football we decided to play volleyball but we were called back  buy our parents because of it was time to eat some delicious BBQ. We were all full so we went and played some beach volleyball.

Finally our volleyball game was over we all had a race to the beach I lost but the water was nice and warm. It just hit 5:30 and it was time to pack up and hit the road

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