Friday, 18 October 2013


On a lovely morning I said to myself “yes,” because we were playing SQUASH!!!

Just after morning tea we all went and line up in front of the classroom and waited for Miss G to come and open the door for us. Then when we went inside we all sat down on the mat and then we waited for Miss G to tell us what to do and where we are going.

When we got into the hall there were 2 people there and there names are Phil and Michael.

Girl: Nicole Davids.
Boy: Ramy Ashour .

For squash you need to wear sport shoes, a t-shirt, glasses and also some sorts.

Squash was invented by a school called Harrow school in the year of 1830,when the pupils discovered that a punctured Rackets ball,  “squashed” on impact with the wall.

Harrow school is in England it is only for the boys but not the girls.

So any way when we were playing squash I felt happy because it was my first time playing squash and I was tired too because I had to run around the court for the ball and hit it back to the wall

After that we played a game and that was Kings Court, when we played it I was so sweaty that I could not run for the ball any more.

Anyways it was still fun and I can’t wait until I join the squash club at the YMCA Lagoon gym and I am so happy and I can’t wait to meet new people their.

I wish we could have the squash sport for EVER AND EVER!!!
                         The End.

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