Saturday, 28 September 2013

My hoildays

In the holidays I am going to ride my bike around with Albert and we are going to eat some ice blocks and eat some fish and chips with our money that Albert and I saved up after school, Albert and I saved up 10 dollars and 90 cents.

After that we are going back home and go for our nice sleep for tomorrow so we and ride our bikes with our other friend that live on our street, after we ride our bikes with our friends then me and Albert and Pio will play touch we my rugby ball outside on the field our at Point England Reserve.

After we do that I am going straight to my house and crash onto the couch and go straight to sleep, after I had my sleep I will go for a shower and after I showered I am going to eat some nice and delicious dinner with my whole family.

Then After I have my dinner I am going to watch some tv and then I am going to go and play with my brother and sister on my own bed and we are going to play some last card and how ever wins gets to eat the last 5 tim tams.

Then after we play I am going to sleep again on my own wonderful soft bed with my soft rugby ball.

                     The End


  1. Wow Seuati that was a interesting writing you did about your holidays. Next time perhaps you should read your writing before you post it because the second paragraph it doesn't make sense. Keep the good work Seuati. :-)

  2. WOW seuati i can't believe that you have posted something on your blog about your holiday. Maybe next time you should read your writing before you post it to your blog because the second paragraph does not make sence maybe you did not show it to an adults you just posted it without a adult checking it. Keep up the great work seuati:)