Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Therater

On a lovely Monday morning we had some visitors for the duffy theatre. Manu is the person that plays Duffy and he is Samoan and he lives in Mangere East. Lose lives in Papatoetoe, Lose is a women that plays Afi in the story, she is Duffy’s friend. Afi doesn’t know how to read hard words but she is very good at rapping and rhyming, she is also Samoan.
After they finished their names they started to go away so they can get dressed for the play, the plays name was called ‘’Duffy loses his words’’. In this story it is about Duffy a person from space called Vautra he always loses a match against Lovely and Miss Rude Miss Lovely is the blower of baby powder and Miss Rude is the best rapper and the best rymer out of Vautar and Lovely.

After they had their match then Duffy went back home and went straight to sleep and then Vautra came into his bedroom and stole his words and Duffy was so dumb because he put his toys into the trash and he also but salt on his breakfast and also where his mom's t-shirt as well.

When he went to school he stopped at Afis house so he can pick up her so they can go to school together Abut when they got to the class Mrs Arthur told Duffy and Afi that they have to say a speech for the class so then Afi went first and Duffy went last.

After they had their speech they had to call Vautra 3 times and when he come they have to beat him so then Duffy and Afi won the crossword and Vautra was defeated once for all.



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