Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Feast Day of Saint Pius

On a lovely friday morning we had a beautiful mass in the church. When we went to go to church we went through the corridor because it was raining hard out.

When we were in the corridor it was so hot and I could not breath anymore because the Room six people was squashing Room three in.
When Room six left I could breath because it was not crowded. We went to the church and when we were at the church it started to pour with rain even more, when it poured I was all wet and my shoes were wet too.

When we got inside it started to dry up and it was not wet anymore but my hair was so wet that I could not dry it at all.

After we had mass we all went to the hall because we had to eat some cake for Saint Pius X birthday. When we ate the cake it had white topping and it was banana cake on the bottom. When I ate the piece the cake part was so delicious but the topping was not because it tasted like mayonnaise, but yuckier.

When we finished the cake Room three was the first one that went to morning tea and all of the other Room’s were still eating all of the cake with the teachers. When they ate all of the cake there was only three more pieces left and I wanted it but Mr slade took it and ran away and ate it all.

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