Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids for Kids

On a bright sunny day Room three went to the Life Convention Center to rehearse our kids for kids concert. We had a long drive there because it was a little bit busy and also there was traffic too.

When we got there we were very excited because we were going to meet Jackie Clark and also Nathan King and last but not least Dayna and Chris lamsam too.

They were very nice to us and we were nice to them. They have a nice and fantastic voice, I think they should be on The X Factor and also the Voice too.

After we did the rehearsal we all went to the bus so we can come back to school for our surprise. When we heard about the surprise we were very happy and we were VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!

When we got off the bus we all ran to the classroom so we can have our surprise and when we got to the classroom we all looked for Miss G because she had our surprise. When we found her she gave our surprise which was a nice and cold lemon ice block.

After we had our ice blocks we had to go into the tennis courts because we needed to play around because we were very sleepy and we were very very sore because the chairs were sort of hard at the rehearsal.After we had our rehearsal I felt happy and great because I was so happy that we finally finished our songs so we could perform them to our parents, teachers and also to our friends as well.

I had lots of fun at the rehearsal and I excited that I could go there again at the evening performance at 6:45 pm and it finished at 9:20 pm in the evening.

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