Monday, 18 November 2013

Film Feastival 2013

On a lovely, sunny morning the whole school went to Hoyts to see the Film Festival in Sylvia Park, we were all excited and very, very happy.

We all went down the hill from our school so we could go on to the bus, we took two buses because the whole school could not fit in one. Suddenly we heard the bus turned on and the driver took us on an adventure to the Sylvia Park Hoyts. This is our 6th time going to the Film Festival with other schools, it was fun and also funny too.

Finally we were there at the wonderful Sylvia Park Hoyts in Auckland. We were very nervous because our movie might be boring and people might laugh at our Room 3 movie as well, so that is why we were nervous.
We went inside and started to sit down on the chairs so we could watch the wonderful movies that kids have made for other people to watch. After we watched all of the films we started to pack up because other schools were coming to watch movies to. We went back to the bus so we could go back to our school.

I felt very very happy because our movie was so cool and very awesome as well.

My favourite movie was Room 6’s one because it was funny and also cool to. Mr Slade scared Simione and also Leki which was so funny.

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