Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My speech 2014

Seuati - 15/9/2014

Kiora, Malo lelei and greeting to your all

On this lovely morning I am talking about superheroes today, the reason why I am talking about superheroes is because I wanted to be like one of my favourite superhero. His name is Superman he is so powerful and also his speed is almost like flash.

The reason why I like Superman is because, when I was little I used to close my eyes and just say to myself that I want to have powerful powers and also to have powerful and strong strength like Superman, but I know now that they are fake,
that is way I have two other superheroes and they are my Mum and also my Dad they are my superhero because they always help me on my school work and also they really help me on Sunday School test that I really suck on. So that is why they are my superheroes.

But I have some other heroes as well like some from rugby or rugby league as well, my hero in rugby union is Daniel Carter the reason why I like him as my superhero is because I like the way he kick the ball and also curves into the goal post.

When I was little I made up superheroes but now I am older I have new and real superheroes and they are my parents they are my Wonder Woman and my Batman.
                   Thank you for listening and god please.

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