Thursday, 16 October 2014

My time at the Ambury Farm

My time at Ambury  Farm was very amazing and also wonderful when we got there we had to line up and get into groups after that we went to the instructor that was waiting for us at the forward so we can know what and were we are going to do. After we listen to the instructors we went and followed the other instructor and the year 7 & 8 went with the other instructor, Finally we went in to the shed so we can do our activity we did some games on of the games were input and output we enjoyed that.

When we finished that we had to go and see how they milk the cows, when we go there we took 1 or maybe 4 steps in the cow shed and it really smelt like cows pooh and also the instructor smelt like cows pooh aswell because the cow pooh on her and also it said that it is a great day when a cow poohs on you.

After that she said to say aaaaaaaaaaa and open up your mouth so then we did it and motu was the only one to do it then the instructor got the cows tees and spread all the milk on motu's face.

After that we got to see the animals and also got to feed the animals as well I was very happy and grateful.

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