Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Creatures of the Sea Here We Come!!!

Thursday 20th August 2015
Kelly Tarlton’s trip.

“ Creatures of the sea here we come!!!
On a lovely raining morning the whole school lined up early to get ready for our trip to Kelly Tarlton, we were looking very smart and tidy. The reason why we went to Kelly Tarlton’s was because of our school inquiry learning. Our Inquiry is about underwater and it is also about animals that live underwater.

We finally went to Kelly Tarlton. Finally we arrived and we were all excited we were welcomed by the people who worked at Kelly Tarlton's, it was so beautiful and colourful it was like I was in a fish tank.

Finally the walk had finished. We finally made it to our location, it was called Scott's Hut it was a copy of what the real one looks like back in Antarctica. It is near the Atlantic ocean. It was so amazing looking at all the old and warm stuff that are there in the hut, It reminds me of the World War II Hut.

The Hut is located in The North Shore of Cape Evans on Ross Island. The Hut has was built in 1911 by the British Antarctic and was led on by Robert Falcon Scott, but sadly Robert died in March 29 1912. Robert was part of the Navy he is the Navy Officer.

After our experience at the Hut we continued on with our underwater adventure with the school, I really enjoyed looking at the hut. I really loved it was my second time their at Kelly Tarlton’s.

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