Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hockey term 3

Wednesday 5th August

~Hockey Lesson 1

On a raining morning we were so cold. We Had just found out that we have kiwisport. Our kiwisport this term is hockey, we were so excited as we had never had hockey for kiwisports before. It was so amazing.

We all rushed to the hall as it was pouring with rain. We had to sit on the floor so we could listen to the Instructor. We finally did some exercises. To begin with we jogged to the end of the hall and back.

Just as we finished we had to do another exercise activity we had to do monkey craws it was so tiring because of my hand and my legs couldn't hold my body so then I fell to the ground.

After the exercises we began with a Marble dribble we had to dribble the ball around the hall. Finally we played a game of hockey if The Instructor calls out 2, 3 or 4 then they have to run round the goal then you have to get the ball then try and get a score.

From time to time the the Blue team was getting sore. But my team the yellow team was not getting any scores we always hit the ball but it always goes out and not in the goal.

Sadly the Session was over and the blue team won the hockey game we were sweaty and out of breath. We said thank you to the Instructor then we ran back to class.

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