Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Speech 2015

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Malo lelei, Bula and greetings to you all.

1.Today I will be talking about putting an end to Drink driving. To read about accidents in articles and also watching commercials and ads on Television, Most of the accidents are caused by alcohol abuse.

2.Many people go to bars and club so they can drink of the stretch and pain. But let me tell you something drinking is not the answer to solve your problems.

3.Over the past few years over  10,076 people have past away because of drink driving accidents

Issues : 1. We should stop Drink driving because it can not only kill you but it can kill others that are in the Car.

2. We should stop Drink Driving Because You can be Paralysed and even Brain Damage you might lose your memory too.

3. Choosing to drive Intoxicated is highly illegal and dangerous in New Zealand and in any country.

4. Drunk driving could result in court time or maybe jail time. You will even  lose your licence for a year, and the police will pound your car. That mean more money to pay your fines.

1.The Rules of drinking.

1.If you are over 16 and 17 you are only allowed to drink wine, beer or cider

2.The drinking limit for New Zealand is under 400 micrograms, If you feel you are over the limit the don’t get behind the wheel and let a family member pick you up.

3.If you are caught in a checkpoint and you are drunk that mean trouble time because of the police will breathe test you and if they find too much alcohol then they will arrest you.

4.If you fail the second breath test the cops will place you under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Last but not least kids when you grow up do not be an alcoholic, But take my advise and only drink on special occasions.

Gracias por Escucha and God Bless.

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