Friday, 18 September 2015

Visit to National Library

Friday 18th september 2015

On a lovely morning after Morning tea I was called by Joshua because of we were going to a lovely place near the city, It was the National library. What a surprise, we saw one of our teachers who left our school in 2012 it is Mrs Leaupepe. The reason why we went to the National library was because of we were invited to attend a reading conference. Our Special guest speaker was David Rilley he is an Author that wrote a book called Samoan Heroes it is an amazing story. The Samoan Heroes story is based on Mafui’e the fire keeper and Tihi Tihi and his father. Tihi Tihi’s father loves working at the old plantation, but Tihi Tihi wanted to eat a delicious fruit from the plantation but his father would not let him, he says that there is a evil creature living in the plantation. He does not like to be disturb.

Sadly the book had finished and it was question time. My question was “ What is your favourite book”. First of all I was scared to ask David a question but I had courage like Tihi Tihi and I stood up. After all our questions we decided to take a photo with David and we got a chance to meet him, He is an intelligent man.

Finally it was time to explore the Library. We started from the bottom and end up at the top we had lot’s of book in our hands we couldn’t get enough. It was time to go we waited for our books to get issued then we can leave.

It was about time we were all hungry so then we decided to go and eat a the palmers cafe in Meadow bank the food there was so nice and tasty.
It was a great experience. Thank you Mrs Kelway


  1. Talofa Seuati!
    It was great to see you and the boys here at the National Library. I was very proud when you and Joshua stood up and asked great questions. You both spoke clearly and confidently and were the first ones to do so. I hope you enjoyed your time here and chose some awesome books. Let me know which ones you read and which ones you liked. You guys can come back any time to visit! Take care and God bless,
    Mrs Leaupepe-Tuala :)