Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Creatures of the Sea Here We Come!!!

Thursday 20th August 2015
Kelly Tarlton’s trip.

“ Creatures of the sea here we come!!!
On a lovely raining morning the whole school lined up early to get ready for our trip to Kelly Tarlton, we were looking very smart and tidy. The reason why we went to Kelly Tarlton’s was because of our school inquiry learning. Our Inquiry is about underwater and it is also about animals that live underwater.

We finally went to Kelly Tarlton. Finally we arrived and we were all excited we were welcomed by the people who worked at Kelly Tarlton's, it was so beautiful and colourful it was like I was in a fish tank.

Finally the walk had finished. We finally made it to our location, it was called Scott's Hut it was a copy of what the real one looks like back in Antarctica. It is near the Atlantic ocean. It was so amazing looking at all the old and warm stuff that are there in the hut, It reminds me of the World War II Hut.

The Hut is located in The North Shore of Cape Evans on Ross Island. The Hut has was built in 1911 by the British Antarctic and was led on by Robert Falcon Scott, but sadly Robert died in March 29 1912. Robert was part of the Navy he is the Navy Officer.

After our experience at the Hut we continued on with our underwater adventure with the school, I really enjoyed looking at the hut. I really loved it was my second time their at Kelly Tarlton’s.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Responds to Sean

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Responds to Sean:
I think Sean really made a good decision to make Shark Finning an illegal thing to do in any country because he liked sharks and knew everything about sharks and loved learning about Sharks. Sean said that Shark Finning was cutting the shark’s fin off and pushing the rest of the Shark’s body back into the ocean. Sean disliked  this thing happening and stood up for illegal Shark Finning. For a little kid like Sean he really shows us how much passion he has for shark’s.


Friday, 7 August 2015

Who am I

Thursday 6 August 2015

Who Am I:
I am a sea Creature that live underwater. My name is Brown Trout. I come from a family of Salmonids. I am a Medium sized Fish. I weigh around 1.5kg and my height is 100cm long. You can find me in the West kettle and Similkameen rivers in America. I also live in the Lake Taupo and also in the Tongariro River in the North Island.

I love eating Zooplanktons, Worms, Crayfish, Small clams and Snails.

I Love eating Sculpins, Minnows and Darters.

I am who I am a Brown Trout.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rainbow Fish Term 3

Thursday 6th August

~Rainbow Fish

  1. What I think about What Rainbow Fish did:
I think rainbow fish made a good decision        because of how he shared his rainbow scales with his friends. He was very vain and He thought he was so cool but actually he was showing off and his friend didn't like didn't like it .

2. Conclusion Message

The message that the story is trying to tell us is to not be selfish with your thing and share it with each other like how Rainbow fish did at the end.

3. Reasons
The reason why rainbow fish had to give his scales because of he didn't have any friends to play with and also no one wants to be friend with him because of he was greedy and selfish.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hockey term 3

Wednesday 5th August

~Hockey Lesson 1

On a raining morning we were so cold. We Had just found out that we have kiwisport. Our kiwisport this term is hockey, we were so excited as we had never had hockey for kiwisports before. It was so amazing.

We all rushed to the hall as it was pouring with rain. We had to sit on the floor so we could listen to the Instructor. We finally did some exercises. To begin with we jogged to the end of the hall and back.

Just as we finished we had to do another exercise activity we had to do monkey craws it was so tiring because of my hand and my legs couldn't hold my body so then I fell to the ground.

After the exercises we began with a Marble dribble we had to dribble the ball around the hall. Finally we played a game of hockey if The Instructor calls out 2, 3 or 4 then they have to run round the goal then you have to get the ball then try and get a score.

From time to time the the Blue team was getting sore. But my team the yellow team was not getting any scores we always hit the ball but it always goes out and not in the goal.

Sadly the Session was over and the blue team won the hockey game we were sweaty and out of breath. We said thank you to the Instructor then we ran back to class.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Warriors Visit

Tuesday 4th August 2015

Warriors Visit:

Last week Wednesday Morning I saw the warriors car drive up our school drive way it was a shocking moment for the Room 7 boy and I because we thought that it was only Sharon the Warriors Chairperson but we saw to other people and they were the Warriors players Ken Maumalo and David Bhana they were very tall and Big.

We all rushed to the hall for line up we saw them standing at the entrance we all said hello and welcome them with our school’s karakia.

After our school Karakia we started off with a game the game was about healthy eating it was a great game I was proud of how many people went up and gave it a try.

Just as the game ended Some of the Room 7 boys got chosen to participate in the next three games the games were all about Listing, Good reflexes and passing.

We played a few games the last game was passing drills the team were Warriors vs Cronulla Sharks
My team the Warriors won by 2 - 1. Finally we finished and my team won. Following on We had time to Ask them a few questions My question was “ Who inspired use to play Rugby League”.

Then Patrick and Justin went up on behalf of St Pius X so they can thank Ken Maumalo and David Bhana for coming to our school for the kids can Foundation.

Last but not least we got to Take selfies with them it was and also inspiration I hope they come again some day.