Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing term 1 2016

My Best Writing term 1 2016
First tennis lesson
Recount writing

On a lovely hot sunny morning straight after the bell rang for the ending of morning tea Room 7 all got into there SPX P.E shirts because of we were having our first kiwi sports for the year of 2016. Our kiwi sports for this is tennis I am really stoked to learn some new tips with our instructor James.

It was finally time for our tennis lesson so hurried to the courts so we can get started. As soon as we walked into the courts we all said “good morning James” then we were told to get one racquet from the bag and one tennis ball from the container. After we got our tennis gear we were instructed to hit the ball on the flat side then hit it again on the steel frame of the racquet

Suddenly James told us to find a partner my partner was Patrick then we had to go to a tennis net and start practising our hits, Patrick and I are very good. Then we went into a game 1 on 1 tennis. We had to get in pair of fours so we can versus the other players on the other side of the court. Our team with Motu , Anthony, Samiuela and I won our first few games to patrick's team, meanwhile James told us to come in so we can learn how to overarm serve in tennis so then we gave it a try, it was was pretty easy put all we needed to do is practise on our timing.

Time was almost over and it was time to play a quick game, around the world tennis it was are difficult game but I gave it a try. We had to hit the ball and run to the other side of the court but if you do a mistake then we are out I was part of the four survivors but then I went out with patrick and it was only Alecia and Richie left in the game and they are the two winners for our around the world game.

Sadly our tennis lesson with James had finished so It was time for us to go, we all said “thank you James and Goodbye”.

I think this is  a Good Piece of writing because of it has
good punctuation
Good Vocabulary and good spelling

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