Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Prompt Narrative

Prompt: Narrative.
Learn: I can use this prompt to write a narrative story.

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On a beautiful winter morning Naruto, Obito and Itachi, had traveled to beijing, After the big world war shinobi. When they arrived they all went to the sea.
Suddenly Naruto, Itachi and Obito now are at war. A huge giant sea monster, splashes out of the water. Sharingan time!!, as Itashi "screams with a fearful heart."

It was time for battle they all us their special ability, Naruto takes the first hit, he misses the sea monster. Sadly they all missed and it was time for the monster to attack. With all their might they combined together and they were unstoppable. They fought with all their might until the sea monster fell.

Finally victory was theirs and the sea monster was defeated, Now they could have their vacation.


  1. Hi Uati Motu here
    I thought your writting very interesting because I watch Naruto all of the series but Uati please re-read your writting before you post but Keep up the great work!!!! :)

  2. Talofa Seuati

    I really enjoyed reading your Narrative Writing, I liked it how you added some Naruto characters as the characters in your story. Next time try and proofread your writing.

    Great work Uati by Pat

  3. Hey Uati,

    I actually enjoyed reading your Prompt writing. I love reading this writing because you added some characters that are from Naruto. Try and re-read your writing work again before you post! Your doing good.

    Excellent work Uati

  4. Joseph: I like how you used your prior knowledge from watching the cartoon "Naruto" to help you with ideas for your story.
    Opi - I liked your story because I watch Naruto and I like the fighting in it which is also in your story.
    Stella - I have found it helps to read my writing to someone out loud to see if it makes sense.