Friday, 11 March 2016

Outstanding. Badge of Honour 2016

Structure of Narrative Story
Badge of Honour
Learn: To Identify the structure of a Narrative for Badge of Honour
Where did it took place: When did it happened:  Who is ?in the story
Where did it took place: At school
When did It Happened: On a sunny day
Who is in the story: Tomasi, Fai, Isaac, Mrs Latu, Jesse and Richmond.

COMPLICATION - What is the problem?
That they know that Tomasi has been fighting after school and Fai might tell Miss Latu put Isaac doesn’t want to tell because of they are best friends.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  • the 4 student received their badges
  • Isaac was nervous
  • After they received their badges Isaac and tomasi were walking home
  • Tomasi received a phone call
  • Isaac could slightly hear their conversation
  • Isaac heard the word fight at the Park
  • Tomasi ended his phone call they carried on walking.
  • Tomasi was walking a little bit faster than Isaac
  • Isaac said to tomasi what’s the problem
  • Tomasi told Isaac that he has to go to the fight because of they are waiting for him
  • Isaac tried to stop tomasi from going to the fight but tomasi didn’t listen and carried on walking.
  • Next day Isaac was looking for tomasi he was sitting with the boys at the back he went to tomasi
  • He saw tomasi, Tomasi eye was blackened and swollen Isaac touched it Tomasi said he fell of his skate board.
  • Isaac could see fai and Mrs Latu coming from the corner they were walking faster and faster
  • Tomasi was panicking he told Isaac to stick up for him but Isaac had nothing to say
RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?
The problem was solved when fai told on Miss latu and Miss latu came and talked to tomasi

CONCLUSION: I think tomasi should have listen to Isaac and don’t go the park for the fight.

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