Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend Writing term 1

Soul Friend Day at St. Pius X
Today is Soul Friend Day at our school. A Soul Friend is a person that you look after, comfort and share ideas with him or her.  It’s like looking after a little brother or a little sister.

My soul friend is Xavier he is a new student attending SPX,  he loves to read  books, he loves to play around with his friends, he is a very smart child and I hope he will become a future leader for SPX.

It started in Ireland then It was introduced by the holy faith who started our school 58 years ago. It was a beautiful relationship, where the older student look out for the younger ones.

We look after each other, we share our lunch with one another, we go to church together, we share what we learnt in class to each other and we do everything for each other.

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