Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend Writing term 1

Soul Friend Day at St. Pius X
Today is Soul Friend Day at our school. A Soul Friend is a person that you look after, comfort and share ideas with him or her.  It’s like looking after a little brother or a little sister.

My soul friend is Xavier he is a new student attending SPX,  he loves to read  books, he loves to play around with his friends, he is a very smart child and I hope he will become a future leader for SPX.

It started in Ireland then It was introduced by the holy faith who started our school 58 years ago. It was a beautiful relationship, where the older student look out for the younger ones.

We look after each other, we share our lunch with one another, we go to church together, we share what we learnt in class to each other and we do everything for each other.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Fr Douglas and Jesus: Venn Diagram

Learn: I am learning to compare what Fr Douglas did that is similar to what Jesus did.

Outstanding. Badge of Honour 2016

Structure of Narrative Story
Badge of Honour
Learn: To Identify the structure of a Narrative for Badge of Honour
Where did it took place: When did it happened:  Who is ?in the story
Where did it took place: At school
When did It Happened: On a sunny day
Who is in the story: Tomasi, Fai, Isaac, Mrs Latu, Jesse and Richmond.

COMPLICATION - What is the problem?
That they know that Tomasi has been fighting after school and Fai might tell Miss Latu put Isaac doesn’t want to tell because of they are best friends.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  • the 4 student received their badges
  • Isaac was nervous
  • After they received their badges Isaac and tomasi were walking home
  • Tomasi received a phone call
  • Isaac could slightly hear their conversation
  • Isaac heard the word fight at the Park
  • Tomasi ended his phone call they carried on walking.
  • Tomasi was walking a little bit faster than Isaac
  • Isaac said to tomasi what’s the problem
  • Tomasi told Isaac that he has to go to the fight because of they are waiting for him
  • Isaac tried to stop tomasi from going to the fight but tomasi didn’t listen and carried on walking.
  • Next day Isaac was looking for tomasi he was sitting with the boys at the back he went to tomasi
  • He saw tomasi, Tomasi eye was blackened and swollen Isaac touched it Tomasi said he fell of his skate board.
  • Isaac could see fai and Mrs Latu coming from the corner they were walking faster and faster
  • Tomasi was panicking he told Isaac to stick up for him but Isaac had nothing to say
RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?
The problem was solved when fai told on Miss latu and Miss latu came and talked to tomasi

CONCLUSION: I think tomasi should have listen to Isaac and don’t go the park for the fight.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Geometry Maths 2016

LEARN:  I can use my understanding of 10's and 100's to solve addition problems.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Religious Education. Station of the Cross.

Learning Intention: Investigate the station of the Cross to identify the people who followed Jesus on the way to Calvary

Station 4: Jesus meets his mother

After Jesus had fell the first time with his heavy cross on his shoulders and the mean soldiers wiping him and telling him to walk faster, suddenly he saw his mother she was crying because of her beloved son was getting beaten up by people who hated him. His mother Mary went upto him and touched his face they both looked at each other in the eyes.

Sadly it was time for Jesus to go he said to his mother,”Good bye” and off he went. Mary could feel every pain that Jesus is going through, Mary didn’t want Jesus to leave her because of she loved him and cared for him like every mother, but Jesus had to go and finish of his mission.

It had came to an end and it was time for Jesus to die on the cross so he can save our sins. The soldier nailed Jesus to the cross 3 nails 1 cross 4 given, Jesus was in pain people were shouting at him, he gazed up to the sky he was almost out of breath his last few words he said before he died was,” Father, Forgive Them, For They Don’t Know What They Are Doing.

Then Jesus put his head down and released his last breath. Mary and Peter were near him when he died, the soldiers took Jesus down from the cross and wrapped him in a cloth then took Jesus into the tomb, We love you Jesus and we always will.

The sons of Ma'afu

Week 5 :  29 February - 4 March

To monitor my reading to know that understand what I read I:-


I wonder? What if? Why? How? -
I Wonder if Ma’afu was badly injured?
Why didn’t Ma'afu sons didn’t get another chance to stay with their father?
How did the two sons Live in the sky?
What if the sons killed their father?

2.VISUALIZE: Images I see... The scene I can picture the clearest is... - See more at:

My favourite part was when the sons killed the triggerfish by pulling the gills

3. INFER: I think the author wants me to know... The author didn't actually say.... but I think... Things seem... - See more at:

Lesson: To don’t play around with dangerous stuff like spears

4.  CONNECT: This part reminds me of... My life... The world... Other texts... - See more at:

My life because of I love fishing for fishes in Samoa.

5.  FEEL: Which parts did you have an emotional connection to? How did YOU feel when you read this part? - See more at:

The part I had and emotional feeling for was when the two sons had to move far far away from the village because of it wasn’t safe with them around.
How did You feel when you read this part.
I felt very sad because of if was sent far far away to another island and my parents stayed behind I will start crying and try my best to stay with my parents.

6.  EVALUATE: Was this good? Why? Why not? What would make it better?  EXAMPLE: I confess that I didn't want to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon, but this book really is good. I like it because J.K. Rowling's vivid descriptions help me picture what happens to Harry from the time he leaves the Dursley's house to his experiences at Hogwarts. I also like it because Harry's an underdog, and I often root for the underdog. Mostly, I like it because the story is suspenseful, I can't wait to read what's going to happen next! - See more at:

It was a very interesting book.
Why: The reason why the book was interesting because of it though a very good lesson for us kids to don’t play with knifes or sharp things because of if it hits someone you will be in big big trouble so don’t play with sharp things kids.