Thursday, 7 July 2016

Book Characters 2016

Today was a very special day for our school. It was our book week, we all had to dress up in our own costumes I was a character in the book of Naruto I was Obito. We all had lovely costumes some people came with Spiderman, nerds, batman, princess, game characters. Etc.

It was so awesome seeing other people celebrating book week. We celebrated book week so we can acknowledge reading. It was so surprising hearing the we were going to have a Duffy assembly, our special Guest was our roe model Josephine Bartley. Suddenly it was time to go to the hall. By the time we got there we all had to gather in our class and wait for our Room number to get called out.  

As Soon as our Room number had been called out we all stood up and off we went to the front of the hall. We had to say what we were and what book we are from.
After our lovely assembly we all walked around the hall showing of our awesome  costumes we all can back to our class because it was time for lunch. Overall it was a great time seeing others wearing different clothing it was and creatively moment.

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