Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Te Oro experience

Te oro Visit

On a lovely Morning before the lunch bell rang, the Year 8’s all gathered and off we went to Te Oro. We were invited to go to Te Oro because of we were asked to go to see some art painting and to see the Sommerville special school perform. So off we went.

As soon as we got there we were welcomed by other members of the Te Oro, we were put into our first activity. Our first activity was to make art fan, it was pretty hard but at the same time it was a great art experience. After our first lovely activity we were told to have a tour around Te Oro. We didn’t know where to start, it was a huge building so we split up and off we went for an adventure around Te Oro.

Once our adventure was over we decided to go an see some performances by some of the somerville school. They had a lovely item, “the crowd goes wild.” They really amazed the crowd. At Last the wonderful performance was over and it was time to do some more fun things. We ran around like a bunch of elephants looking for something that really amused us.

Sadly our time had come to an end and it was time for us to head back to school. Overall it was a fun experience I really hope we could go back some time this year.

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