Monday, 11 July 2016

Winter Journey Day 2 Activity 2

3 Famous Landmark in New Zealand

One Tree Hill:

One Tree Hill, also known as Māungakiekie, has special significance to New Zealanders. The hill, actually a long-extinct volcano, is in a park in Auckland and used to be a Maori fortified village. Sir John Logan Campbell, one of Auckland's founding fathers, founded Cornell Park, where One Tree Hill now stands

The Beehive:

The Beehive is the nickname of New Zealand's parliament building in Wellington, at the southernmost tip of North Island. Established in the 1960s, the Beehive stands as a national symbol of New Zealand

Mount Cook: 

Mount Cook, is the tallest mountain in New Zealand, reaching over 12,000 feet. This the Mountain Sir Edmund Hillary trained on before he could accomplish Mount Everest


  1. I love the landmarks that you have chosen, Uati! You have really highlighted three of the most important and significant places in all of New Zealand. I have personally always wanted to go to Mt Cook but I have never made it there. I tried driving to the mountain a few years ago but the weather was so bad that we weren't able to get there. The entire road was closed because they had experienced a huge snowstorm and there was ice and debris on the roads. I was so disappointed!

    Have you ever been to see Mt Cook, the Beehive or One Tree Hill?

    Cheers, Rachel

    1. No I haven't been to Mt Cook and The Beehive. I've only been to One Tree Hill. I wish I could travel to the other 2 landmarks.

  2. I hope so, too, Uati! Perhaps one day when you're a bit older you might have the time to travel south to Wellington and Central Otago to see the Beehive and Mt. Cook. They are both pretty far away, I must admit...