Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Journey DAY 4 Activity 1

Rieko Ioane is a young speedstar who currently plays for the Auckland Blues. He made his debut last year at only 17 years old.  Rieko was selected for the New Zealand Rugby Sevens team to compete at the Rio Olympics 2016.

Three interesting facts about him are:
- Him and his brother (Akira Ioane) are both playing in the New Zealand Sevens team.
- He attended Auckland Grammer School
- And he plays Center/Winger.

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  1. Hi Uati!

    Thanks for posting three such interesting facts about Rieko Ioane. I did not realise that he and his brother had both been selected for the New Zealand Rugby Sevens team in Rio. That is pretty incredible. Their family must be so proud!

    I was also interested to read that Rieko plays center/winger and went to Auckland Grammar school. I used to walk past Auckland Grammar every day on my way to work. I wonder if I ever walked past Rieko without realising that it was him. Hmmmm, it is possible!

    I will definitely keep my eyes out for him when I watch the coverage of the Rugby Sevens in Rio this August. Will you have the chance to watch the footage? I hope so!

    Keep up the great blogging. I love to see that you are already on Day #4 of the challenge. Awesome work!

    Cheers, Rachel


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